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PEDAL POWER NYC is an arts-driven response to the encroachment of hydraulic fracturing on New York City’s water supply.


Beginning with the concept ‘Powered By Natural Ass,’ we created a system of bicycles with generators capable of powering concerts.


Audience members join musicians on stage to power all the musical gear, amps, PA, and recording equipment.




Bushwick, NYC | June 4-5, 2011

Pedal Power NYC debuted as a part of the Bushwick Open Studios series. The Natural Ass Sessions invited art-goers, volunteers, and passers-by to power the rehearsals and performances of favorite local musicians: Masa, Gordon Voidwell, The Jason Lindner Band, Vanessa Bley, Tony Tixier, Patrick Higgins, The Impromptubes, Cradle Duende, and Tom Chess.

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Union Square, NYC | June 26, 2011

As a celebration of human will, ingenuity, and the NYC music scene, the free concert and festival at around Union Square Park called attention to the volatile energy/water nexus: E=H2O. The main stage featured soulful performances by Tom Chess, Masa (Didi Gutman of Brazilian Girls and Hector Castillo), Robert Granata, Vanessa Bley, and Gordon Voidwell. Check out the recordings from the concert here.

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Gowanus, NYC | June 26, 2012

On the one-year anniversary of the NYC Celebrates Waterfest, the team produced Diamond as a gift to newlyweds Simon Luethi and On Megumi Akiyoshi, two members Pedal Power NYC team. Attendees danced in the center of the bicycle-powered LED diamond to the ass-powered recordings from the Waterfest.

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Gowanus, NYC | July 28, 2013

A collaboration between Rooftop Films, XO Projects, Bradford Reed, and Pedal Power NYC – the theme of the night, energy. Our contribution – a human-powered sound-system takeover. Audience members and volunteers provided the natural ass and amplified all of Bradford Reed’s musical equipment and PA. Groovin to the tunes, hundreds of guests and riders took in a night of contextual, inspiring programming.

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Recordings Second Panel

We Record Off the Grid

What does ass-powered music sound like? Check out this live EP from NYC Celebrates Waterfest.

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Technology First Panel

Pedal Power NYC is supported by a wide range of technology.

Technology Second Panel

What it takes

Bicycle mechanics, microprocessor programming, and power conversion all play critical roles behind the scenes of a successful show.

Unlike many bike-powered systems, the Pedal Power NYC system does not store power in batteries. Rather, the power runs directly to the stage so the bikers experience a one-to-one relationship with the music being played. When the music gets louder, the bikers have to work harder….when the pedals stop spinning, the music cuts-off.

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E=H2O First Panel

Our hunger for energy competes with our thirst for water.

E=H20 Second Panel

Water is Truth

Pedal Power NYC is an arts-driven response to the encroachment of hydraulic fracturing on New York City’s water supply.

In July of 2011, the Governor’s Office of New York was set to decide whether a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in the state should be upheld until further science was considered. Pedal Power NYC stepped in with a musical poke to engage people turned off by the polarizing debate.

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E=H2O Third Panel


Coverage First Panel

Our Story Spreads

  • Art will only be able to explore and speak to the sustainability of culture if it finds ways to sustain itself.

    Creative Resistance

  • This could be your leg’s big break.


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